Surfing Paddling Technique Mastery Level 1 - Efficiency, Speed and Injury Prevention

Marin County, CA, USA

Choose from the following 2018 dates:

Jun 8-10 SOLD OUT

Jun 22-24 SOLD OUT

Aug 18-19, optional surf 20th CLOSED

Sept 1-2, optional surf 3rd CLOSED

Oct 20-21, optional surf 22nd

Catch More Waves, With Less Effort

Learning how to paddle more efficiently, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury.

Limited Space Available

About Mastery Level 1

Learn efficient and effective paddling techniques so you can catch more waves, with less effort. In this extended weekend, you’ll get a deep dive analysis of your own paddling stroke on video and learn drills to enhance efficiency and speed. In addition, learn how to prevent injury to your shoulders, or to fix shoulder issues you’re having now through proper technique. 

In addition, apply your new learning directly to the ocean when we go surf at a few of the local breaks.

Price $895 USD

What's Included:

  • Daily Paddling Coaching and Training Sessions in our Custom Pool, flatwater lagoon, and the Ocean
  • Surfing Paddling Academy Techniques overview with customized techniques to your paddling stroke
  • Muscle Memory Retention System guided practice to convert the motor learning to long term memory
  • Video recordings with commentary reminders of what was discussed
  • Side-by-side video recording of their own stroke analysis with commentary
  • Annual Access to the Surfing Paddling Academy Online course (which has all of the drills and lessons for continued learning and practice)
  • Surfing / body surfing at a local Beach (to apply the paddling technique lessons)
  • Transportation to/from the beach to surf
  • Celebration Dinner
  • Daily Lunch

(transportation to/from the airport, dinners and breakfasts not included. Only exception is the Celebration Dinner which is included)

Eliminated shoulder pain, increased ease in paddling, and fewer strokes taken


Day 1:

Baseline Recordings

Paddling Technique Theory and Muscle Memory Retention System Overview


Group Review of videos / discussion / drills

Muscle Memory Retention System guided practice in the Lagoon

Breathing Techniques for Paddling and Surfing

Day 2:

Surf - ocean application


Guest Speaker: Jim Cegelnik, PhD

Individual recordings, discussion, drills

Free time on the water to explore and practice

Celebration Dinner

Optional Day 3:

Surf - ocean application


What to Bring

  • A mind ready to learn proven surfing paddling techniques and to have fun!
  • Surfboard you want to learn and surf on (rentals available from local surf shop for a fee at cost. Rob will pick up and drop off for you)
  • Wetsuit – the ocean water year-round is between 54-60 degrees F – 4/3mm with booties is recommended (rentals available from local surf shop for a fee at cost. Rob will pick up and drop off for you)
  • Swimsuit (the pool is between 80-82 degrees, the lagoon in the high mid to high 70s.), Goggles, Sunscreen
  • Optional: Bodysurfing fins, Wetsuit Top/Spring Suit

Where to Stay

  • Marriott Courtyard Novato is an excellent hotel. It is within 5 minutes from our Headquarters and across the street from the Marin Airporter. 
  • If you stay at the Marriott, I will arrange transportation to and from headquarters every day. 
  • Otherwise, you are responsible for transporting yourself to the meeting place each day.
  • There are two other hotels close by in South Novato
  • AirBnB has numerous lodging options in area. Search for lodging closest to Bel Marin Keys, Novato, CA.
  • If you’d like me to arrange lodging for you, please contact me separately.

World Class Surfing Paddling Experience

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